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YATU Paces into New Stage with USA Doctor R&D Team

YATU Paces into New Stage with USA Doctor R&D Team


YATU officially landed into USA market in 2014. With 3 years deep research and high investment, R&D center of YATU USA led by Mr. E. Floyd Godbey, working closely with R&D team based in YATU Headquarter, developed the first Full Formulation Toner System (PLUS) and Low VOC Product System.

PLUS that consists of 78 high quality toners and over 100,000 formulas, covers formulas of great majority of car brands. Up to June 2017, PLUS has been tested and approved in the marketplaces of China, USA, Europe, South America, South Africa and Middle East, etc. The accuracy of the PLUS formulas is already amongst the leading roles in automotive refinishes industry of the world.

Till now, PLUS has been applied into some products of YATU, like Easicoat, Maxytone and Perfecoat. The upgraded products have been launched into the above markets, and have been widely accepted by an increasing number of customers. In addition to this, YATU R&D team is now working intensely to try applying the Full Formulation Toner System into ALL lines of products.

Meanwhile, low VOC system also has been developed by Mr. E. Floyd Godbey & YATU R&D team. The system fully meets the compliance of VOC 2.1, which marks that YATU has the qualified product line to penetrate markets where requires highest environmental-friendly.

On June 16th, 2017, Mr. E. Floyd Godbey was promoted to be the Chief Chemist of YATU Global by Mr. Feng, President of YATU. From now on, Mr. E. Floyd Godbey will lead YATU R&D team to develop more outstanding products as well as deliver more supports to YATUs strategies in global markets!

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