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YATU SpeedPrimer Plus

YATU SpeedPrimer Plus

YATU SpeedPrimer Plus is a highly productive 2K primer surfacer designed for the high-production shop who demands premium quality and maximum throughput with reduced cycletime. SpeedPrimer Plus offers easy application and sanding with excellent gloss holdout for all topcoats.


SpeedPrimer Plus can be sanded in 20 minutes by air drying or 5 minutes by force drying for spot or panel repair job. Matching with different hardener and thinner, the product can be converted to general sanding primer surfacer with fast air and force drying properties for repair job more than 2 panels, or wet-on-wet primer for new body parts.


The product has below features:

1.     Dry-to-sand in 20 minutes at 25 degree C /75 degree F

2.     Easy to apply, high performance of filling, sealing, flow and sanding

3.     Excellent holdout for topcoat

4.     Highly productive, improves shop throughput

5.     Versatility: Suitable for rapid, standard, overall repairs, or wet-on-wet process for new part

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