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Maxytone Presented on Ukraine SIA Exhibition

Maxytone Presented on Ukraine SIA Exhibition


SIA Exhibition, as a professional automotive parts fair in Ukraine, was held from May 31st to June 3rd 2017. YATU Maxytone car paint was presented there and attracted visitors’ interests. Along with the fair, YATU executed a Maxytone Plus product launch meeting together with the local customer on June 2nd in one of Meeting Rooms of Exhibition Center. Approximately 40 existing and potential customers were attended. The compact system and competitive price of Maxytone Plus became a heat point. Some potential customers questioned a lot immediately after the meeting was over. Maxytone Plus has been formulated to work well in varying temperatures and works exceptionally well in low temperature situations. The biggest advantage is that Maxytone Plus delivers maximum values to customers for production, performance and profitability with proven and consistent quality. 

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