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Grand Annual Meeting with UAE Customers in Dubai

Grand Annual Meeting with UAE Customers in Dubai


         Around 400 customers from paint stores, body shops and dealers were gathered in Dubai to celebrate the Annual Meeting hold by YATU UAE Agent at the beginning of this February. YATU Vice General Manager, Mr. Ralph Shen was invited to deliver a report to kick off the gathering. Truly thanks to our agent’s market view and stewardship in development, as everyone can see that, YATU made a big growth in this market. The standout staff from sales team and technical team were rewarded by taking this chance. Every attendee was happy with it. Along with grand gathering, another two activities were taken place in different areas in Oman. This industry is always changing, and is only as strong as professionals who keep it moving. We are the one of them. We offer a wealth of product and technical support to every customer.

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