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R&D Capability

YATU R&D center is equipped with all-new and world standard experimental facilities, which contains R & D, application support, technical training and skills identification in one. All products sold to more than 80 countries are originally researched & developed and applied in here.

R&D Center is well equipped with

1. Environmental control system
2. Smart spray booth
3. Complete facilities for laboratory and inspection
There is a lab designed with constant temperature and humidity, simulating different weather situations in the world in order to make YATU paints more adaptable
The smart robot’s operation procedure is simulated as the car manufacturer’s spray line under constant temperature and humidity
We have all advanced analytic instruments and facilities for experimentation and inspection for coating R&D to analyze the relations between structure and performance, the hue, flux and spectrum of raw materials

4. Production simulation system
5. Production-Teaching-Researching Combination
We have intermediate pilot test for polymer syntheses, solvent and waterborne to maintain the consistency of test samples and products in mass production
R&D Center is the base for universities and YATU to cooperate in production, training and researching. We work together to overcome technological difficulties, cultivate professional talents, acquire patents and push forward the industrialization of these patents

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