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Welcome to Yatu

A company cannot succeed without innovation of operation and technology, and it is exactly the power of innovation that drives YATU to rise up in China automotive paint industry in the past 20 years. Innovation is our corporate culture which guides us to work hard and maintain a sustainable development. YATU company culture is not words on paper, but the wisdom crystallization from years of development. 

20 years challenges and difficulties forge our ambition to make YATU a world–known Chinese brand. YATU must realize that the world is changing dramatically, the market is developing rapidly and we need to keep ourselves improving and upgrading. Only in this way can we overcome the difficulties and go from strength to strength. 

On the way ahead, YATU needs to learn from Chinese traditional culture and combine it with modern time spirit. I firmly believe that by the spirit of science and hard-working, YATU people will create a brighter future. 

-- CEO Mr. Zhaojun Feng

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