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YATU Presented a Unique Self on SEMA Show 2017

YATU Presented a Unique Self on SEMA Show 2017


Famous by named “Sleepless City”, Las Vegas harbors a stage for the world wide enterprises in automotive after-market field. The stage is SEMA Show. YATU, being a SEMA membership, presents a unique self this time.

The irregular background wall designed to deliver YATU’s “Science, Innovation, Technology” spirit. Colors blue and red are the full meaning of YATU logo as well as a highlight of the merit of loyalty and supportive from YATU people. Thanks to the premium products and updated formula system, YATU creates a broader market capability. It brings a higher benefit for the current customers. Meanwhile, quite more people in this industry know YATU and love to buy YATU auto refinishes.

A 4-day show is very short but we get a lot. We make communications with old and loyal friends. We embrace the visitors whoever interested in YATU products. It is a club for together. It is a start for cooperation. We grow with everyone who would be with us all the time. We are confident with the year 2018. It will be a fruitful year for YATU as it goes.

We thank all customers again for your continue supports!

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