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surface white car paint colors surface auto Easicoat

surface white car paint colors surface auto Easicoat

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Quantity Needed:
Name:: Maxytone Max-30 2K Primer Surfacer
Package: : 1 L or 3.75L
Price: : 5–20 us dollars/L
Lead time: : 20 working days
Payment: : TT, LC or at most 90 days credit by SINOSURE
Company Advantages
1. Innovative design concept: From appearance to construction, Easicoat good car paint is designed by our professional designers. They discuss to each other to ensure that each design has the innovative characteristics of industrial standard. It is a ready-to-spray system that requires no mixing or reducing
2. With its huge development potential, the product has a wide range of applications. The product is perfectly ideal for automotive exterior body projects
3. good car paint are recognized for their features of white car paint colors . The product has an excellent capability of chemical resistance
4. good car paint is adequate to widely apply for white car paint colors for its auto paint mixing features. The product is suitable for a touch-up after a collision
5. good car paint is receiving increasingly attention of the white car paint colors industry since the advantage of auto paint mixing, and the potential of white auto paint . The product provides cars with both protection and decoration
Characteristics:Multi-purpose double pack primer and surface, with strong filling power and fine adhesion between coats, has excellent flexibility and impact resistance which can increase gloss and build of topcoat.
Pre-treatment:Sand and clean the substrate (all kinds of primer and putty) with degreaser
Mixing    ratio:2K Primer Surfacer : Hardener : Thinner= 4 : 1 : 1-1.5
Spray    GunGravity feed: 1.4-1.8mm;  HVLP: 0.7-2.0 bar
SprayingSpray 2-3 coats, total should be 50-80μm
Drying time: 4-6 hours at 20 ℃ or 45 minutes at 60 ℃
Dry Sanding: P240-P400 Wet Drying: P600-P800
NoteRe-coat after drying and sanding, re-coat with all kinds of topcoat.
Clean equipments immediately after application.

Company Features
1. Yatu Corporate has create new figures for good car paint in the field.
2. Easicoat has strong production technology strength and can guarantee the quality of car paint finishes .
3. Yatu Corporate is going to actively lead the auto paint & supply industry with high quality and best service. Contact!
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