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showell primer auto refinish Maxytone, Easicoat, Showell, EXwell Brand

showell primer auto refinish Maxytone, Easicoat, Showell, EXwell Brand

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Quantity Needed:
Name:: E3 1K Basecoat Metallic Colors
Package: : 1 L or 3.75L
Price: : 5–20 us dollars/L
Lead time: : 20 working days
Payment: : TT, LC or at most 90 days credit by SINOSURE
Company Advantages
1. Such design of auto refinish could potentially revolutionize car spray paint industry. The product is suitable for a touch-up after a collision
2. Yatu Corporate has a professional auto car paint design team, experienced logistics experts, advanced production equipment. It has brought distinct coating advantages to the body shop
3. auto paint has the functions such as industrial spray paint, which is used in spray paint brands. The product has the characteristic of acid and alkaline resistance
4. Our car paint colors can be washed and cleaned in short time. Its high gloss clear coat seals and protects the surface of the car
5. Compared with other car spray paint colors, black spray paint brings features of water based car paint.
Characteristics:Extra fast drying, high density double pack clear coat with mirror effect, it features high gloss with
durable gloss protection power and resistance to weather and pollution. Suitable for overall spraying
and partial repairing.
1K basecoat colors :1K basecoat colors
Mixing ratio:Clear Coat: Activator: Reducer = 100 : 50 : 5-15
Spray GunGravity feed: 1.2-1.5mm;  3-5 kg/cm
SprayingSpray 2-3 coats, total should be 40-60μm
Drying time: 20 ℃, 45 mins; 60 ℃, 30 mins.
For temperature lower than 10℃, recommend full bake at 60℃.
Apply Thinner SRA directly on the overspray areas to achieve a natural transition.
Defects preventingAdd 0.5-1% Anti Silicon in the paint remained and re-spray affected areas to solve fisheyes.
Not recommend to use when temperature is over 25℃ (45℉).
If want very excellent outlooks of paint film, high solid clear coat is recommended.  
If runs happen, sand with P1200-P2000 sand paper after thorough drying and then polish.

Company Features
1. car spray paint is manufactured by the high-end machines.
2. As long as Yatu Corporate sticks to the scientific principles of auto refinish, we will be able to ensure that we will seize the forefront in auto car paint industry. Inquire now!
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