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Easicoat series best car paint protection car paint

Easicoat series best car paint protection car paint
  • Easicoat series best car paint protection car paint

Easicoat series best car paint protection car paint

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Quantity Needed:
Name:: EC 1K Basecoat Metallic Colors
Package: : 1 L or 3.75L
Price: : 5–20 us dollars/L
Lead time: : 20 working days
Payment: : TT, LC or at most 90 days credit by SINOSURE
Product Comparison
Yatu Advanced Materials has great production capability and excellent technology. We also have comprehensive production and quality inspection equipment. car coating has fine workmanship, high quality, reasonable price, good appearance, and great practicality.Yatu Advanced Materials's car coating is produced in strict accordance with standards. We make ensure that the products have more advantages over similar products in the following aspects.
Company Advantages
1. The design of Easicoat professional car paint has been impressing people with a sense of harmony and unity. It proves to be fantastic and user-friendly, successfully attracting attractions from users.
2. The strict quality standards make the worldwide export of this product possible.
3. To meet customer's expectation and the industry standard, the product has to be subjected to strict quality inspection before shipment.
4. Though the best car paint protection utilization expand continuously, the professional car paint of Yatu Corporate can still satisfy the demands of markets.
5. The design and realization of the Easicoat best car paint protection is based on professional car paint .
Characteristics:Single component basecoat with metallic, especially silver and pearl effect, made from weathering resistant resins, high quality,    strong coverage power, and excellent adhesion power.
Surface cleaning:Sand and clean the substrate (old paint film or 1K, 2K primer) with EC-5910 Degreaser
With sanding paper P600-P800 for wet sanding, and P400-P600 dry sanding.
Mixing ratio:Metallic Basecoat: Reducer = 1: 0.6-0.8
Mix with EC-5520 1K Binder or EC-5530Flip Controller to speed up air drying time, enhance the orientation ofmetallic particles, and improve property in application.
Add EC-5960 Retarder Solvent when temperature is over 30℃ (54℉).
Spray GunGravity feed: 1.2-1.4mm;  HVLP: 2.0 bar
SprayingSpray 2-3 coats, total should be 15-25μm
5-10flash-off time at 20℃ between coats.
After spray, 10 -15 minutes’ air dryingbefore spraying clear coat.
Defects preventingProfessional mix and spray techniques can prevent defects of poor metallic effect s and mottling.
Spray too thick or air drying too long might cause poor adhesion.

Company Features
1. The Easicoat brand is a globally recognized professional car paint manufacturer.
2. Easicoat has gained high customer satisfaction as it can bring customer high economic returns.
3. Easicoat will always bring customers with reliable products. Ask! Easicoat is always honest with colleagues and our partners. Ask! Yatu Corporate has always encouraged to provide better service to customers. Ask!
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