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Easicoat auto car paint colors free delivery for wholesale

Easicoat auto car paint colors free delivery for wholesale

Easicoat auto car paint colors free delivery for wholesale

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Quantity Needed:
Name:: Showell SW-8352 Epoxy Primer auto refinish
Package: : 1 L or 3.75L
Price: : 5–20 us dollars/L
Lead time: : 20 working days
Payment: : TT, LC or at most 90 days credit by SINOSURE
Product Comparison
car paint has the following advantages: well-chosen materials, reasonable design, stable performance, excellent quality, and affordable price. Such a product is up to the market demand.Compared with other products in the same category, car paint has the following major features.
Application Scope
Yatu Advanced Materials's car care products is mainly used in the following aspects.With a focus on car paint, Yatu Advanced Materials is dedicated to providing reasonable solutions for customers.
Company Advantages
1. car paint colors is made by material of spray paint brands .
2. The product is exceptional in terms of durability and requires the least maintenance.
3. With this product, business owners can know exactly which items they have sold on daily or monthly bases, how many items are in the warehouse or how much money they have made.
Characteristics:Give excellent rust proofing for bare metal, good adhesion power to steel, aluminum and galvanized
steel. Good resistance to salt and impact.
Pre-treatment:Dry and Sand and clean the existing finishes, steel, iron and glass fiber reinforced plastic
Mixing ratio:Epoxy Primer : Hardener : Thinner = 100 : 20 : 20-30
Spray GunGravity feed: 1.4-1.8mm;  3-5kg/cm²
SprayingSpray 2-3 coats, total should be 40-60μm
Drying time: 18-26 hours at 20 ℃; 60-80 minutes at 60 ℃
When the temperature is 10 ℃ lower, recommend to bake at 60-70 ℃ for 30 minutes.
Dry Sanding: P240-P400    Wet Drying: P600-P800
After drying and sanding, re-coat with putty, primer, primer surface and all kinds of topcoat
NoteFor oxidized iron and cast iron, shot blasted sa 2.5class with roughness of 30-75 μm, or acid wash
the oxidized parts to get rid of rust.
Choose right hardener and thinner to avoid poor curing of paint film.

Company Features
1. In the course of several years'development, Yatu Corporate has developed into an influential company specializing in the manufacturing of spray paint brands .
2. In order to better guarantee the perfect quality of car paint colors , Easicoat has been continuously improving the technology.
3. Yatu Corporate adheres to the great fantasy of leading the growth of car paint protection business. Get price! Our vision is to develop auto car paint related technologies and to improve car spray paint design. Get price! Easicoat wants to be a leading company providing quality products and services to customers. Get price!
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Product Description

Our Advantages:

1.Complete base paint system and professional technology team.

2.Over 20 years manufacture experience.

3.About 1 week delivery time.

4.High quality and reasonable price.

5.Certifications: ISO9001.2015,ISO14001.2015,SGS.

Product Name:Factory Price High Performance HS 2K Phthalo Green With Blue Color Paint Colors Auto Spray Chrome Paint

Products Type

 2K Base Paint


 Liquid Coating


Phthalo Green



Free Sample




Shelf Life

 Two years before being opened

NO. of Coats

 2 - 3 Layers

Product Features

 2k Plain Colored Paint,The variety is complete,the color is  bright,the hiding power is well,and the leveling property is  well,so that  the supporting curing agent and the general-  purpose diluents can  obtain the effect of bright paint  film,the better color retention and  gloss retention,high  hardness,and strong chemical resistance.


 Mainly used for vehicle painting or local repair of various 

 types of vehicles. It can also be used in spray on furniture 

 or industrial products.

Mixing Ratio

 2K Plain Topcoat (2 parts): 2K Topcoat Hardener (1 part):  General purpose thinner (0.3-0.5) Copies. Mix well before  use and adjust the viscosity to 16-18 seconds (-4 cups,  25°C). Use the time limit of 4 hours/25°C.

Drying Time

 Allow to dry at room temperature 25°C/24 hours, bake at  60°C-70°C/45-60 minutes.


 1.The interval time for each single layer during spraying is  about 15 minutes. Each spraying should not be too thick  to avoid sagging.
 2.In order to ensure the spraying effect, please use the 2K  topcoat special curing agent (fast drying, standard drying,  slow drying), universal thinner (fast drying, standard  drying, slow drying, special slow drying).

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