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basecoat auto paint colors basecoat for vehicle Easicoat

basecoat auto paint colors basecoat for vehicle Easicoat
  • basecoat auto paint colors basecoat for vehicle Easicoat

basecoat auto paint colors basecoat for vehicle Easicoat

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Quantity Needed:
Name:: EC 1K 800 clearcoat Auto Refinish
Package: : 5 L or 2.5L
Price: : 5–20 us dollars/L
Lead time: : 20 working days
Payment: : TT, LC or at most 90 days credit by SINOSURE
Application Scope
car care products produced by Yatu Advanced Materials is mostly used in the following aspects.While providing quality products, Yatu Advanced Materials is dedicated to providing personalized solutions for customers according to their needs and actual situations.
Product Comparison
car paint is a truly cost-effective product. It is processed in strict accordance with relevant industry standards and is up to the national quality control standards. The quality is guaranteed and the price is really favorable.Yatu Advanced Materials's car paint has the following advantages over products in the same category.
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Company Advantages
1. In the creation of Easicoat best auto paint , advanced equipment is adopted. The equipment involves a CNC machine, mold shaping machine, stamping machine, and welding machine.
2. Excellent in best auto paint and fantastic car refinish paint are the biggest points of auto paint colors .
3. Yatu Corporate ensures auto paint colors quality, enhances manufacturing capacity so as to enhance the competitiveness of itself.
Characteristics:Double pack, it features smooth paint    film and good gloss with durable resistance to weather and pollution.
Surface    cleaning:Remove containments and clean the substrate    (1K basecoat) with EC-5910 Degreaser.
Mixing    ratio:Clear Coat: Activator: Reducer = 2 : 1 :    0-0.1
Spray    GunGravity feed: 1.2-1.4mm;  HVLP: 2.0 bar
SprayingSpray 2-3 coats, total should be 40-60μm
Drying time: 20 ℃, 45 mins; 60 ℃, 30 mins.
For temperature lower than 15℃, recommend full bake at 60℃.
Apply EC-5920 Thinner SRA directly on the overspray areas to achieve a natural transition.
Defects    preventingAdd 0.5-1% EC-5930 Anti Silicon in the paint remained and re-spray affected areas to solve fisheyes.
Add EC-5960 Retarder Solvent when temperature is over 30℃ (54℉) to avoid blushing.
If runs happen, sand with P1200-P2000 sand paper after thorough drying and then polish.

Company Features
1. Easicoat is an economic entity which is professional in the production of auto paint colors .
2. Our quality management system provides a strong organizational guarantee for best auto paint quality management.
3. Yatu Corporate won good reputation for its tenet of car refinish paint. Welcome to visit our factory! Emphasized on best car paint protection coating , flat auto paint is Yatu Corporate service philosophy. Welcome to visit our factory!
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