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Showell SW-1K Basecoat Colors
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Showell SW-1K Basecoat Colors
Showell SW-1K Basecoat Colors
  • Showell SW-1K Basecoat Colors

Showell SW-1K Basecoat Colors

Characteristics: Single component basecoat with metallic, especially silver and pearl effect, made from weathering resistant resins, high quality, strong coverage power, and excellent adhesion power.
Surface cleaning: Sand and clean the substrate (old paint film or 1K, 2K primer, soft substrate with isolation layer ) with degreaser
Mixing ratio: Solid Basecoat: Reducer = 100: 60-80
Mix with EC-5520 1K Binder or EC-5530Flip Controller to speed up air drying time, enhance the orientation ofmetallic particles, and improve property in application.
Add EC-5960 Retarder Solvent when temperature is over 30℃ (54℉).
Spray Gun Gravity feed: 1.2-1.5mm;  2-4kg/cm²
Spraying Spray 2-3 coats, total should be 15-25μm
5-10flash-off time at 20℃ between coats.
After spray, 10 -15 minutes’ air dryingbefore spraying clear coat.After spray, 10 -15 minutes’ air drying before spraying SW-811 Standard and SW-866 Premium Clear Coat.
Defects preventing If old paint film does not adhere to old paint film, recommend to spray 2K primer surface before spray 1K solid color. Otherwise, it may cause lifting, falling off, bubbling and floating.
Add retarder solvent to avoid mottling when temperature is higher than 30 ℃.
Recommend to erase the redundant metallic paints between each coat with dusting cloth.
Spray too thick or air drying too long might cause poor adhesion.